Saturday, 12 March 2011

Love and Disaster

The recent earthquake that devastated Japan and the Japanese people reminded me of the 1990 earthquake that hit Luzon in the Philippines.  I witnessed it personally how the earthquake shook the buildings and caused havoc to other areas near the epicenter.  I was in the bus going home from work.  It was my first experience of that magnitude.  It was traumatic.

Watching the news last night, I just can't believe what I saw on television.  It was too much to bear that I just closed my eyes and prayed for the people of Japan.

In times like this, our only refuge is the Almighty.  He gave it to us and he will take it away.  How many times I have experienced a lost feeling but when I turn to Him, it becomes normal.  It doesn't matter who that God we believe in and prayed to.  It is the same God-God who is compassionate.  He always touches our hearts.  This is the reason why everytime there is a humanitarian crisis, almost instantly people would give as much as they can to help those who are in need.  And I salute all the people of the world for unity and love that we showed to the Japanese people and to others who are also in dire need.

I would like to think that sometimes it happens because He wants us to bring back the love, unity and peace between the humanity, and we all witnessed it how each one help each other regardless of creed.

I hope this symbolic show of cooperation becomes forever, and not just in times of crisis like this.

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