Friday, 4 March 2011

Leading by Example

Charity begins at home and so is inspiration.

Since this blog is all about inspiration, big or small, I will start off with my biggest inspirations of my life-my parents.

To our neighbors or to all who know my Papa (Dad) and my Mama (Mom), they are just ordinary persons like everyone else in our neighbourhood, and they may be right.  My Papa is a carpenter/farmer, and my mama is a housewife, part-time farmer.

But what make them qualify as my inspiration? I say MY instead of OUR because I can't speak for my siblings although I can honestly say that they feel the same. 

Twenty five years after, I can still vividly remember the moment that made my life to turn 360 degrees.  I was in high school at that time.  We live in a barrio six miles away from the school.  Because of the distance, I set off every Sunday afternoon to go to town and stayed there for the whole school week..

One Sunday afternoon, I left our house without money at all.  Yes, we just walked going to town during those days.  My Papa was working then out of town. Remittance was delayed due to distance so my Mama had really nothing to give me for my allowance for a week.  Being used to life that we have, I didn't complain.  I set off still determined to get to the destination.  Few meters away, I looked back and I saw my Mama crying.  Instead of me, it was she who cried. It was purely love.

That moment defined my life.  I promised myself to find ways to help them.

After high school, I went to the city, worked and I sent money to my parents. But I realized I can't be a laborer my whole life. I  looked for another job, and as soon as I found the time, I enrolled and took evening classes.  Six years after, I was conferred the degree in Education, passed the professional  board exam a year after and became a teacher.

Yes, my parents are just ordinary guys next door but their courage, love of neighbor and love of God, perseverance and hardwork are extraordinary in my eyes.  They  really inspired me to strive more and be at par with them in terms of values.

My father is supposed to be retired, but he still occasionally builds other's dwellings.  I told him to retire permanently and that we, their children will support them, but he said, "No one will build it for them."  If it isn't a sacrifice for others to be happy, I don't know what it is.

These are simple things that everyone can do, but there is a difference between doing it for love and doing it for money.

And these make my parents my inspiration.  Now, that I have my own family, I pass this values to my daughter-values that my parents taught me without telling me at all.

They simply just showed it.  It is leading by example at its best.

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