Saturday, 5 March 2011

Money on the Wall

While waiting for the traffic lights to signal green, I noticed a man pasting the huge luminous sheets on a big board fixed on a wall.

Everytime I pass in this area, I always see this billboard but it was my first time to see how those big posters are put on the wall.  I must admit I was amazed how skillful that worker was.  The poster was in pieces, and it needs a skillful hand to put them together.  The next morning I passed by the area again and the billboard was up and it smacks through the eyes of all the road users. And why not, it was in T-Junction.

But aside from the skill of the man, I was equally amazed and inspired by the person who conceptualized that billboard idea. 

Imagine a wall worth billions!

We always see these billboards anywhere we go but few maybe think how brilliant this business idea is.  When I arrived home, I researched about the company.  The advertising boards we often see in our day-to-day travel is owned by Clear Channel.  According to it's UK website, "Clear Channel is the world’s largest out-of-home advertising company, part of Clear Channel Communications, a global media and entertainment company." It provides more than 60,000 advertising opportunities across their premium Pinnacle division, billboards, street furniture, digital networks, shopping malls. And this is in the U.K alone. 

But the most inspiring fact that I gathered about this company is that one of its founders, Billy Joe McCombs is a school drop-out (law school) but is now a billionaire.

I am not saying that those in school right now should drop-out as well. His leassons are unique to himself, but one thing is clear, financial freedom can be reached without barriers. 

And that is what clear channel has taught me.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to the company.  Trade Mark belongs to the registered owner. 

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