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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

zen habits: Uncover Your Awesomeness Course, & The Sea Change Challenge

zen habits: Uncover Your Awesomeness Course, & The Sea Change Challenge

Uncover Your Awesomeness Course, & The Sea Change Challenge

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 05:27 PM PDT

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Today through Aug. 31, I'm opening membership registration for the Zen Habits Sea Change Program — and with this membership comes three special opportunities.

For those new to the Sea Change Program, it's my monthly membership program that offers occasional mini-courses on different topics (meditation, mindful eating, and procrastination so far), along with live video webinars, a member forum, articles, videos and more.

So there's a wealth of useful content already in the program, but in the next three months, I'm offering three things to all members:

  1. The Uncover Your Awesomeness Course (Sept-Nov)
  2. The Sea Change Monthly Challenge
  3. The Writers & Bloggers Challenge & Seminar

Because the membership content has grown, I’ve increased the price a little, to $26.99 a month. If you subscribed before and the unsubscribed, you’ll unfortunately need to subscribe again at a higher price.

Uncover Your Awesomeness Course

This will be the most important course I've ever offered, it will be spread out over three months (Sept.-Nov. 2012) in small doses each month.

What is the course? It's about getting at the root of why people have such difficulties in their lives, from difficult relationships to unhealthy habits to debt and addictions and unhappiness. The root problem: most people are unhappy with themselves, and haven't discovered the awesomeness they already have.

This course aims to help you not only accept yourself as already great, but to fall in love with the awesome person you already are. It will help you unlock your potential career, build great habits, be better at relationships, and be happy much more often.

The course will be structured so that you’ll receive 1-2 articles/videos each week for the next three months (Sept. 1-Nov. 30), along with a monthly video webinar where you can ask questions, and a forum for members to discuss the course content and help each other with their problems.

Please note that in order to access all three months of the course, you’ll be charged a membership fee each month. But this fee includes all the other content in the Sea Change Program, including the other courses listed here.

The Sea Change Monthly Challenge

In August, I held a month-long challenge for Sea Change members where they each set a personal challenge that they were going to do each day, with rewards each week. It worked very well for those who applied the principles. I personally stretched for at least 10 minutes every day in August. We'll be holding challenges each month for at least the next few months, and you can use this powerful tool to build the habits you want to stick.

The Writers & Bloggers Challenge

September marks the first monthly challenge specifically for Sea Change members who are writers and bloggers, for accountability and support for writing goals. This is a member-run challenge (I won't be moderating it). In addition, I'll be holding a live video seminar for writers & bloggers on Thurs. Oct. 13, available to all Sea Change members.

How to Register

You can register for the Sea Change Program here by subscribing for $26.99 per month:

You’ll be able to use your Paypal account if you have one, or pay with a credit card by creating a free Paypal account. When you subscribe, you’ll be billed every month at the same time each month, until you cancel the subscription. You’ll have access to all the member content as long as you’re subscribed, but access will be closed if you unsubscribe.

Read more about the Sea Change Program on the membership signup page.

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