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Monday, 7 March 2011

Believing in God

I can say that my colleague and I are comfortable with one another at work.  Because of  this, we can talk about any topic during free times.  One time, we were talking about something and then he mentioned that he does not believe in God.

Being in a country where respect to one's belief or faith is embedded in it's laws, I didn't say anything that contradicted his statement.  Nor did I attempt.  Being a firm believer of God, his statement left an imprint in my mind because it should be my duty as a christian to tell non-believers how good God is.  I waited for that moment to come again.

One night, my colleague and I were so tired that he said something about lottery.  He wanted to win it so he could retire early.  He has been buying lottery tickets for as long as he could remember.  He had won little amounts before but never the jackpot. That was what he said when I asked him about it.

Then out of the blue I said, "How will you win the lottery when you don't pray?"  

Then without hesitation he said, "Of course I pray."

"To whom?",  I asked. He only smiled.

I knew from then on that in his heart he believes in God.  He just doesn't want to show it or even admit it. But it doesn't matter.  As long as he shows compassion, love, and respect to others, then it is more than enough because I know some people who profess their faith but their values tell the opposite.

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